We are at the beginning of our journey. The first thing we have to do is planning. Where do I want to go? Who am I going to travel with? Who am I going to meet with? Let’s buy the train tickets, I have to take a little time. Now, it is the moment to analyze the risks over the documentation: Define who are my friends and who are my enemies in the journey, where can I lose the documents, how can I lose them and who can steal them when I least expect it.

I define who will access the documentation, who will need to access them for a specific period of time, who should never access them, how long it will be available, and which actions will be allowed to be done with the documents (view only, edit, print, etc.). I define a policy in SealPath where I set all these variables.

Everything is ready, we only have to arrive on time at the station, and make the documents take their seats and enjoy the landscape. I share the defined protection policy with the SealPath’s administrator and tell him to apply the policy to a folder in the corporate file server where the project documents will be initially stored. After doing this, it is not necessary that anyone is worried about applying protections. The documents will be automatically protected in the server. The train glides smoothly on the rails and stations pass one after another out there. The documents have lost the fear that always gripped them when they went away alone from home.

Once SealPath has protected the documents, we can stop worrying about where the documents are, how and whom they are shared with. Today I dared to tell the administrator a horror story, I was tired that he was who told me this kind of stories. I told him that I was going to set a folder in the server as a shared folder in my PC, synchronize the content of this folder with Dropbox and allow external users to access these documents through Dropbox. The administrator answered me that he thought it was a great idea, I did not expect him to give me any other answer.

The stations pass and pass, the documents remain there quiet, someone tells that they learnt other languages and that they dare to talk with strangers without fear, but with discretion. Our collaborators have received a SealPath’s invitation email, they have signed up in the system through a customized portal with the brand, logo and look and feel of our company. They are already in Dropbox and have already access to our protected documents. As it always happens, they will take the documents home, they will access them from their mobile device, and will send them by email to the wrong person… well perhaps I am exaggerating a bit, but I will not be very far from the truth with my guess. They can do what they want. It’s no use locking the stable door when the horse has already bolted, but the protected documents continue being under our control.

Well! The main course is delayed and doubts assail me about the last design I reviewed on Friday. I cannot wait, and I ask for the mobile phone to my partner (mine is out of battery again, I am incorrigible), I connect to Dropbox and open the protected document with SealPath Document Viewer.  Mobiles will end up with good conversation, but now I can eat in peace the course that the waiter is bringing very rushed.

We are arriving to the end of the journey. The documents took the train by themselves, they have been travelling without barriers and customs, they knew clearly whom they could talk to and whom they could not, they talked with everybody but they did not tell anyone more than the things they were allowed to tell. The train has stopped and the documents leave the train. They are still our documents, they have been changed a bit, but they return to our home. I open SealPath and remove the policy. Nobody outside my team will be able now to open them. It is time now to think about the next journey.