Information Rights Management

SealPath protects your documents and allows you to control them remotely. Wherever they go.

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Secure your confidential emails and attachments

Destroy your confidential emails and attacments remotely even after you have sent them to other users.

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Protection and Control of CAD designs

Keep your intelectual property protected and audited when you share AutoCAD documents with your partners.

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Mobile Information Management & BYOD

Keep control of your documents and protect them on any device.

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Extend your security perimeter to your data

Protect your documents even when they are beyond the IT department’s control, with an easy to deploy cloud based document security solution.

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Microsoft Rights Management Services made easy!

The best IRM technology now with an ultra-simple deployment and use.

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  • Keep control of your documents by remote
  • Enterprise Information Protection & Control
  • Protection and Control of CAD designs
  • Mobile Information Management & BYOD
  • Extend your security perimeter to your data
  • Microsoft Rights Management Services made easy!

Information protection

Your corporate documents and emails encrypted and secure wherever they are.


Access control

Remotely control who can access and their permissions (view, print, copy & paste, etc.). Destroy documents remotely even when they are not in your hands.


Audit and tracking

Real-time monitoring of the activity of your documents, blocked access, etc.

What is SealPath?

SealPath protects your critical and confidential documents and keeps them under your control wherever they are. Limit what can be done with your corporate documents and comply with all major data protection regulations.

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SealPath Enterprise

Deploy SealPath in your company and keep your corporate documents safe from data leakage:

  • Active Directory Integration
  • Protection of Office, PDF, CAD. Email and other file formats
  • Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Automatic folder protection on servers and desktops
  • Integration with document management systems, ERPs and CRMs.
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