Full Information Protection Made Easy

Unparalleled Peace of Mind through Persistent Protection that Travels with your Data

The most Advanced CAD Protection

Protect your valuable designs with full control and the most granular controls available. Unique in supporting the widest variety of CAD tools. Discover why is the industry leader.


Persistent encryption that accompanies the files and emails wherever they travel.


It controls who accesses the data, when and with what permission (read only, edit, etc.).


Monitors accesses and alerts on your organisation’s documentation wherever it may be.


Classifies and labels data as it is created.

Unbeatable ease of use

  • It integrates with Office without requiring plugins or inconvenient viewers.
  • Works with your PDF editor/reader: Adobe, Foxit, Nuance, etc.
  • Protect information with a simple drag & drop.
  • A simple way to share with third parties.

Powerful policy management

  • Flexible policy management by the administrator.
  • Option of policy creation by users.
  • Multi-organisation: Different administrators and policies for each tenant.
  • Option of appointing “data managers” independent of the IT department.


  • Automatic protection for file servers.
  • Protection for SharePoint, G-suite, Office 365, etc.
  • Automation of the protection from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Integration with storage systems such as Box, Dropbox, etc.

Revocation, tracking, etc.

  • Access revocation capacity for users and administrators.
  • Tracking available for end users and administrators.
  • Off-line access support for protected documents.
  • Dynamic watermarks.

Supports the widest range of formats

  • CAD, Access, Video, Audio, etc.
  • Multi-platform: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
  • Integrates seamlessly with AD/LDAP.
  • Available on-premise and in cloud/SaaS.

Data Classification powered by AI/ML

  • AI/ML based classification suggestions.
  • The user does not need previous training.
  • Unbeatable accuracy (around 97%).
  • 100% automatic protection based on classification.

Secure Your CAD Designs with Cutting-Edge Technology

Don’t leave your CAD drawings vulnerable to potential breaches. Find out more about our full protection.


Employees who take information with them when they resign or are dismissed


Organisations that lack a mature method for tracking and controlling their confidential information


Leaks in which the data extracted was encrypted and therefore useless


Companies that have experienced negative business consequences after a data leak

Serving major companies worldwide

Discover some of our success stories

Organizations in +25 countries place their trust in SealPath

“SealPath is a powerful protection solution, highlighting its ease of use, so that any user can use it easily without interrupting their normal work process with native tools or simple activities”.

– Mirosław Berdzik, IT Manager.

“For a long time, we have been looking for a last solution that would allow us to protect the information sent out of our offices electronically. The rapid implementation of this tool has been made possible thanks to the minimum training required by the end user”

– Vittorio Cimin. IT Manager.

“An important point for Gamesa is the integration of the two-directory system and SealPath’s capacity to support multiple Active Directories enabling this integration”

– Iñigo García Merino. CISO.

“SealPath technology was decided because of its power and its strong integration with the Microsoft solution ecosystem”

– Fernando Pelegrín. Head of Information Systems.

Learn how other organisations protect their data with SealPath

Energy, manufacturing, healthcare, banking, aerospace, public authorities, etc..


Protection of support and engineering documentation in industrial companies


Protection and Control of confidential Information in the financial sector            


Secure sharing of patient data in public and private healthcare centres

Don’t leave your data security to chance

It’s your data and belongs only to you. Important business data is stored in documents, PDF, Excel worksheets, CAD designs etc. that are exposed to internal threats, human error, extraction by external attacks, etc. SealPath provides total control and visibility of all the documentation you share.