Smart Data

that monitors and protects your files throughout their digital journey

Our Vision

Data is the fuel that powers today’s businesses. It can be used to make decisions, drive operational excellence, leverage trends, and inform strategy. Data makes enterprises run smarter, faster, and better.

At SealPath, we believe there is a paradigmatic shift in handling and protecting business information. In an increasingly connected world where data is becoming more mobile, the means to protect it should keep up the pace without generating business disruption.

We aim to make it easy for future-driven companies to embrace a data-centric culture that enables them to treat data as a strategic asset and ride the wave of digital transformation.

What we do?

SealPath makes it easy to avoid costly mistakes, lower the risk of data leaks, ensure security for confidential information and protect your data assets. Our cutting-edge solutions enable companies of all sizes to protect and control their documents wherever they are: in their PC, in their corporate network, on a partner’s network, in the cloud – and even after the document is sent or shared beyond the IT department’s control.

How we do it

Our team of industry experts, backed by our unyielding commitment to your security, will help you achieve peace of mind. We are committed to providing our clients with an intuitive data protection solution that is simple to deploy and easy to manage.

We don’t believe in using complicated technical jargon when explaining our solution. Instead, we ensure that our customers receive the most comprehensive array of services in the industry.

We help you eliminate data silos and leverage the power of data accessibility while safeguarding your sensitive information – in an effortless and cost-effective manner.


Culture is an incredibly important part of how we operate.
We stand by these three pillars to success


In a field where keeping up to date with the latest threats is crucial, we’re committed to continually learning and improving ourselves and our tools.


We value rigor above all and set realistic deadlines in order to implement every security measure needed without cutting corners.


Every business, small, medium or large, needs good data security. We provide quality services competing with giants in our industry while also matching your budget.


We’re a global, multicultural team brought together by our passion for digital security. We combine innovative data-centric security products and solutions with exceptional customer support. Our company culture is based on a never-ending learning and improvement process.

Interested in joining the team?

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Want to know more about us? Here are some quick facts about us

+250 Customers

With 98% Customer Satisfaction rating and 10 years in business, we are one of the best companies on the market

+25 Countries

We have 50 Partners Worldwide.

With headquarters in Bilbao, Spain.

And local presence in Madrid, Lisbon, Milan, Dubai, Turkey and Warsaw.

+200k Documents
Protected per month


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Why choose us? Well, it’s simple. Our software has…

ease of use

Native tools. The most user-friendly and flexible IRM leader

Designed for
the enterprise

Ready for integration in the large enterprise

The best

Works integrated with other data security, cloud and corporate tools


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