In this blog post we present one of the new features of the new release of SealPath just published: The Access Control by IPs or ranges of IPs to Protected Documents.

For specific sensitive or confidential information, you want to restrict access to it from within the company’s network and you need to ensure that this information does not leave the company. This information can be sensitive financial data, intellectual property of industrial scope, or even, information from third parties that you are managing and that must comply with the European regulation of data protection that enter into force in a few days.

What can we configure in SealPath to cover this need? The administrator can configure that for documents protected with a specific policy, these can only be accessible from a certain range of IPs.

In this way, if someone tries to access documents protected by this policy from an IP outside that range, it will be warned that access to the document is blocked.

The required configuration is very simple:

1. The administrator defines one or several ranges of IPs in the administration console.

SealPath IP Control 2

2. In the options menu during the creation or edition of a policy, the administrator can assign a range or several ranges of IPs from which the users can access protected documents.

SealPath IP Control 1

This configuration is restricted to the administrator. SealPath doesn´t want to add complexity to the end users when creating a protection policy so if the users want to restrict access to their information from specific IPs, they will have to contact the SealPath administrator.

If you need more information about this feature, please contact with us through Contact.