GDPR has had a great effect on the health sector, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Health organizations are increasingly facing new threats in cybersecurity, and must handle them in the most effective way for their business.

The Impact of GDPR for Health Organizations


Personal data managed in the Healthcare sector is vital for patient diagnosis, treatment delivery, drug development, etc. In this environment the data must be very accessible in order to have quick answers, but on the other hand, it must not be forgotten that organizations working in this sector are one of the main targets of hackers who want to take advantage of patient data.

In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, in addition to clinical data, information of high value to organizations that may be vulnerable to theft is managed. Companies in this sector are
moving towards greater digitization, storing more and more sensitive and regulated data, and increasing the risk of having a cyber security incident.

Since the GDPR implementation, we can say that it has impacted any sector and company, even outside of the European Union. Nevertheless, not all personal data is similar, and just as we can change our email address, we cannot change our medical history if it has been mishandled. The impact of GDPR in this sector has been much greater than in other sectors and healthcare organizations have done great efforts to guarantee their compliance.

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Luis Ángel del Valle, CEO of SealPath, offers his vision in the following article published in the International Clinical Trials journal. ICT is a specialist journal designed to provide global coverage of key topics pertinent to the clinical trials sector, and put a spotlight on the latest innovations coming to market.

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This article is taken from International Clinical Trials February 2020, pages 34-36. © Samedan Ltd.


Patient data, especially valuable and sensitive


The information can be anywhere, in file servers in the company, users’ computers, mobile devices, internal databases, Cloud applications, etc. The productive environment of this industry is increasingly connected and automated.

This connectivity makes them increasingly susceptible to attacks and increases the need to secure more points within the life cycle of information related to patient data. Learn how to protect this sensitive information with SealPath, the leader in data-centric security, contact with us and we will help you as soon as possible.


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