Convenient email encryption

Keep your email encrypted with comprehensive audit controls over access to the body and attachments.

Simple protection from Microsoft Outlook

Protect Data Privacy by protecting the body of the message and attachments with a single click from Outlook. You can protect for all addressees or according to specific protection policies. You can restrict the permissions required to access the attachments (display, edit, copy and paste, print, etc.) or set expiry dates for the information being sent.


Access protected emails from any customer

Addressees do not need to have Microsoft Outlook to open the protected document. You will have access to the protected emails whether you use Google Apps or any other client system.

Block or delete emails with attachments remotely

If you made a mistake when sending a protected email you can block access to the body or attachments in remote mode. There is no need to contact the administrator to do so. Thus you can be sure that the addressees cannot access the information sent by mistake.

Automate protection for certain users

The administrator can Protect Data Privacy by establishing automatic protection rules based on the addressees, senders, words or texts included in the attachments and in the body of the message, etc. There is no need to rely on the users to protect information sent by email.


Automatic protection of email through Microsoft Exchange

You can set automatic protection rules in Exchange so that all emails sent to certain domains or addressees and those received from specific senders are protected. You can also set up protection rules so that the content of the body of the email and its attachments are protected (if credit card numbers, information of a personal nature, specific patterns, particular words etc. are detected).