Facilitating Secure Telecommuting during the COVID19 Critical Situation

Due to Covid19, we are in a state of health alert that has forced companies to provide their employees with access to telecommuting.

Organizations have found it necessary to provide urgently the means for employees to access corporate information regardless of their location (through VPNs, cloud storage services, etc.).

In this context, data security tools are needed more than ever to facilitate secure telecommuting for companies. Sensitive corporate information must be protected against data leaks.

SealPath has launched the following initiatives to help companies in this situation:

  • SealPath is offering free Licenses and support to Healthcare organizations (Hospitals, Health Centers) during the state of health alert.
  • SealPath has defined 3 closed packages of licenses and services, that include everything needed for SealPath deployment.
  • The ability to view and edit protected documents without agents with SealPath Secure Browser in Office 365, SharePoint, Box, and Google Drive environments will also be offered with no cost.
  • Online training sessions in addition to those defined in the packages will be offered free of charge, so that users can work safely and as quickly as possible.
  • SealPath has prioritized pre-sales/deployment resources to implement this Telecommuting Packs in the customer in a very short period of time.
  • Special support to current customers who wants to adapt their protection strategy to this telecommuting scenario.

If you want more information send an email support-covid19@sealpath.com



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