IV Cybersecurity and Insurance Congress by ICEA

One week later we were in another great event with our partners SmartHC, ForcePoint, and our Value Added Distributor Ingecom. but this time for the insurance sector. In this event organized by ICEA (1st Insurance Association in Spain), the main topic was the Cybersecurity in the Insurance Sector, and it was scheduled some speeches about: Cloud Security, Control of the Information, avoid risk situations…

ICEA IV Congreso Ciberseguridad y Seguros

ICEA IV Congreso Ciberseguridad y Seguros

In our speech we talked about: “How do our employees use the information they work with? Do we really control the information that our employees handle? Do we know who, when and how do they see it?”

We could explain to all attendees that is very important to track all the actions that our employees do with our documents, information and data to avoid risky situations. If you have the ability to monitorize all accesses to your data, especially, sensible data, you will act faster if somebody is trying to do something malicious.

Another feature that we could explain is our integration with Forcepoint, a DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solution that enables to classify the data. With the sinergy of both solutions: IRM & DLP, the protection goes further, with the posibility to automatize the protection of the data or specific folders, without any action required by the end user.

The IV Cybersecurity and Insurance Congress was a perfect meeting for professionals in the sector to catch up on the existing threats and how to avoid serious consequences. After the speech, which was received with great interest, some attendees approached to learn more about SealPath and convey their congratulations on how well everything related to data protection was explained.

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