F5 Forum Paris

On tuesday 16th we were in on of the most important cybersecurity event in Paris organized by F5 Networks France and jointly with our Value Added Distributor in France Abbakan. In that event, F5 was presenting the global launch of the new F5 solutions to support the digital transformation of organizations The main objective of the event was to learn how to implement, manage and secure your applications in a world of multiple clouds through plenaries, interactive presentations, demonstrations and case studies presented by some experts.

Stand Sealpath f5 forum paris 2019

Stand Sealpath f5 forum Paris 2019

In our stand we could speak with all attendees about the importance of data protection, and a solution that ensures the protection of the sensible data of a company. Many of them asked about the usability of Sealpath´s interface, and we could demonstrate there with a real practice that Sealpath is the easiest IRM to use for end users. Most of them were delighted after being able to try it and experience the usability of Sealpath´s Data Centric Solution.

Besides of usability, we could show the attendees how to create a protection policy and restrict actions to the end users. They could see that if a document is sent to a user that has not permissions there is no possibility to open it, and then you can know who has tried to open it, a feature that they liked a lot.

F5 Forum Paris was a success of assistance and we could leave it  with a great taste after resolving all the doubts that were arising, and see the great interest raised  by our solution of data protection in the French market.

To know more about Sealpath´s data protection solution and how it could help you to avoid data breaches Click Here.