Work with your usual tools

Access documents with the original applications without inconvenient viewers.

Native integration with Office

When you protect an Office document and send it to your collaborators, the latter do not need to install any special software, plugin or complement to access said document. Depending on the authorisation they have, users can open the document, edit it, create comments, etc. You will have full control of the document and can see who accesses it and when. You can also remotely delete the document.

Use your preferred PDF readers and editors

In contrast to other solutions you can protect PDFs without having to use inconvenient, limited viewers. Use your favourite PDF reader or editor (Adobe Reader, Foxit, Nuance, Nitro, etc.). Not only does it enable display of protected PDFs but, if the user has the required permission level, also editing of the same.

Integration with CAD applications

Protect the CAD designs that you send to suppliers, partners, customers, etc. You can ensure that only specific users and nobody else have access. You can restrict what others can do with your designs: read only, edit, print, extract content, etc.

SealPath integrates with native CAD tools (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Siemens…) without having to use viewers. Set expiry dates for your CAD designs, revoke access to documents even if they have already been sent to third parties, see who is accessing the designs or if someone is trying to access without permission.

Transparent data encryption

SealPath provides the capacity to encrypt all types of files so that only users who have permission can access their contents. Since opening the files is transparent it is done with a simple double click and does not require prior decrypting. SealPath also provides access tracking of the protected files or revocation of access to the same even if it has been sent and is no longer under your control.