Claranet becomes a SealPath partner in Portugal. This agreement allows Claranet to offer organizations an additional layer of security protecting critical documents with encryption, access control, and auditing techniques.

The new Claranet offering, based on the SealPath solutions, allows organizations to add an extra layer of protection to documents that contain confidential or critical information, preventing consequences caused by different scenarios such as information leakage, espionage attacks in the industry, theft of clinical data in health or security credentials theft.

SealPath’s document security products use encryption techniques and access control to files, allowing simple management, easy handling, and quick response. Professionals can create and define levels of protection for the documents they consider critical, regardless of the type of file, allowing or blocking user access, control, visibility, and manipulation.

With these solutions, organizations can quickly and effectively protect their most critical information, regardless of where the files are stored, whether it is on a company’s PC, on a cloud platform, on a partner’s system, or stored in any out-of-control mailbox from the organization’s IT Department that issued the document.

Fernando Teixeira, Digital Connectivity Director at Claranet Portugal, comments:

“Currently, when data is increasingly mobile and the exposure of sensitive documents to security risks increases, document protection tools are essential to guarantee the integrity of data and information. This alliance with SealPath fits perfectly into Claranet’s information protection strategy and allows us to expand our portfolio of security products and services to document protection areas”.

João Arriaga, Country Manager of Portugal at SealPath, adds:

“SealPath solutions are designed to help companies protect their data and help them create a security culture focused on them, considering them as a true strategic asset. This alliance allows us to further improve our offer, combining Claranet’s extensive know-how in cybersecurity services, with our definitive contribution to better support and service to Claranet’s customers”.

About SealPath

SealPath is a European leader in Zero-Trust Security Focused on Data and Corporate Digital Rights Management, working with large companies in more than 25 countries. SealPath has been helping organizations from multiple sectors, such as manufacturing, oil and gas, retail, finance, health, and Public Administration, to protect their data for over a decade. SealPath client portfolio includes organizations belonging to the Fortune 500 and Eurostoxx 50 indexes. SealPath helps to avoid very costly mistakes, reduce the risk of data leakage, ensure the security of confidential information, and protect assets in the form of data.