BILBAO, SPAIN, OCTOBER 25, 2022 – SealPath, a leading provider of data-focused security and digital rights management, announces the launch of its new product “SealPath Data Classification powered by Getvisibility”. By utilizing the latest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, it provides its customers with advanced data visibility, protection, control, and dynamic understanding solutions as they are created.

This innovative tool, enhanced with AI for data classification and automatic protection of labeled information, provides the technology that corporate clients need to classify data securely and accurately throughout its lifecycle. This way, organizations from any sector gain the ability to prevent data leaks and comply with the strictest data protection regulations.

With SealPath’s classification, the user receives suggestions on the classification level when creating and editing a document. The software learns and adapts to different types of documents, continuously improving its accuracy through AI, and allows organizations to classify unstructured information with unprecedented confidence.

SealPath information protection is 100% integrated with the new intelligent data classification system, so those files labeled with a specific classification level or subject to specific regulation can be protected automatically and without user intervention.

“SealPath Data Classification powered by GetVisibility was born in response to the obsolete technologies that many companies are currently using to classify and manage their data. The solution’s machine learning models have been previously trained for years through data containing a wide range of document types, from personal, medical, and financial information, and different market verticals. These meticulously trained models, combined with robust software specialized in data classification, minimize human error, costs, and time in labeling corporate information. We hope that this new solution completely transforms the way organizations classify and protect their information,” says Luis Ángel del Valle, CEO of SealPath.

SealPath Data Classification employs a flexible approach, considering different dimensions like data sensitivity, associated regulations (PCI, GDPR, CMMC, etc.), data types, and distribution scope. In this way, the system can adapt the classification to the organization based on the aforementioned dimensions.

SealPath’s protection, along with the AI and Machine Learning classification system, streamlines an organization’s efforts to prevent data classification errors quickly and cost-effectively.

Learn more about SealPath Data Classification here.

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About SealPath

SealPath is a European leader in Zero-Trust Data-Centric Security and Corporate Digital Rights Management, working with large companies in over 25 countries. SealPath has been helping organizations in various sectors, such as manufacturing, oil and gas, retail, finance, healthcare, and Public Administration, to protect their data for over a decade. SealPath’s client portfolio includes organizations on the Fortune 500 and Eurostoxx 50 indices. SealPath helps to avoid very costly mistakes, reduce the risk of data leaks, ensure the security of confidential information, and protect assets in the form of data.