Increase you customer portfolio and profits Become a SealPath partner

100% focused on the success of the channel

SealPath is a company 100% focused on the channel. Our partner program is designed to help you obtain new business opportunities, increase your income and build stable and lasting relationships with your customers. There are various partnership levels: Authorised, Silver and Gold. SealPath rewards and enables you to obtain greater benefits as you advance through the plan to reach the Gold Partner tier.

Obtain additional income per customer

Our partners provide their customers with a simple, flexible solution to protect their data no matter where it is. There is no need to invest in infrastructure to increase your revenues from customers by enabling them to enjoy a powerful data-centric application. Capture new customers with a completely different approach to security.

Complete your solution portfolio with a complementary application

Differentiate your solutions portfolio and increase sales by providing a solution that enables your customers to control their documents after sharing them. If you are marketing document management solutions, DLP or network security you can complement your value proposal with a solution that adds security and control to documents downloaded from the document manager, that coordinates with the DLP to protect data even outside the perimeter of the customer’s network or adds an additional layer of security to the perimeter or network security solutions.

Provide the solution and invoice for added value services

SealPath has a low cost of ownership and requires minimal management. It uses an administration dashboard to control the configuration of your customer’s document protection, providing them with monitoring and management of their document security. It provides new data-centric information protection projects, integrating them with other corporate tools such as document managers, CRMs, ERPs, etc. Our technical personnel and consultants will help you in the process.

From system integrators to service providers

Become a systems integrator, a reseller of security solutions or a managed services provider. We have the partnership model best suited to your needs. According to Gartner, in the next few years most corporate security solutions will be provided in the form of cloud-managed services or hybrid models. SealPath enables both deployment on the customer’s network and the capacity to provide services managed from your infrastructure or from the cloud.

Types of partner

Integrators and resellers

Provide and install a powerful information protection and control solution in your customers’ companies. Deploy it in cloud/SaaS or on-premise depending on the needs of your customers.

Service providers

Complete your service portfolio while adding value for your clients. Provide a data-centric protection service that enables your customers to keep all their data under control no matter where it happens to be.

Value wholesalers

You can help your partners to grow their businesses whether you are a transactional distributor or an added value wholesaler that provides pre-sales and other services.

Technological partners

SealPath provides a modular, integrated solution through APIs/SDKs. It adds a layer of data-centric security to your applications and to differentiate them from the competition.