Types of product

Choose the type of product that best covers your needs.s

Enterprise On-Premise

SealPath Enterprise On-premise is installed on your company’s servers, enabling you to control 100% of the infrastructure.

Enterprise SaaS

SealPath Enterprise SaaS enables you to avoid managing server components and provides the same operability as the on-premise version.

MSP Edition

It is designed for managed service providers who wish to complement their portfolio of applications with a powerful IRM solution.

SealPath IRM protection and control platform

Different deployment options with the same power and functionality.

SealPath Enterprise On-Premise

  • Total control of the infrastructure by the customer.
  • Simple deployment based on the Windows Server platform.
  • Integrated with AD or LDAP and other corporate systems.
  • Customisation (look&feel, invitations to third parties, etc.)
  • Everything is kept on the premises. All the data is in your data centre.

SealPath Enterprise SaaS

  • SealPath in the cloud. No local deployment on servers.
  • Can be integrated with AD/LDAP through the Connector or ADFS.
  • Rapid start-up with minimum IT resources.
  • Your files and documents are protected locally. They are not uploaded to the cloud.
  • The application can be integrated with files, document managers, etc.

SealPath MSP Edition

Specially designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who wish to provide an IRM solution as a service. It includes an innovative product for IRM protection and control of your customers’ information in its portfolio.

  • Can be installed in the MSP’s data centre as an added service.
  • Simple deployment and minimum management.
  • Scaled according to needs and entry of new users.
  • Can be integrated with your customers’ identification management systems.

SealPath Professional

  • Designed for individual professional users.
  • Fast start-up. Does not require technical expertise.
  • Restricts permissions to documents (e.g. read only, no printing).
  • Monitors who accesses your data and blocked accesses.
  • Adds security to what you share using Dropbox, email. pendrive, etc.

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