We present in this blog article our new SealPath Information Rights Sandbox technology available in the new 3.0 version.

Through this technology, SealPath is capable of ensuring that the digital rights established in relation to a file are respected by applications that have been developed with no IRM related characteristics. With Information Rights Sandbox technology developed by SealPath, it is possible to now apply the protection of digital rights for the following applications:

  • Access and Microsoft Office Visio (Project and OneNote shall be incorporated shortly).
  • Industrial Formats: AutoCAD and Solidworks.
  • Word processing files, Excel sheets and LibreOffice and OpenOffice presentations.

SealPath adds encryption, usage permissions, auditing and remote destruction capabilities for these types of files both simply and flexibly. SealPath Information Rights Sandbox creates a protective cover around the file and allows writing controls, send to printer, clipboard and other low level actions, achieving compliance with the digital rights established for a file in applications that goes a lot further than the standard SealPath protection.

IRM is a growth technology that covers companies’ needs relating to the protection of information irrespective of where it may be. At SealPath we know that this growing demand means, on a par with great opportunities, a market that demands rapid evolution throughout diverse lines. With the SealPath Information Rights Sandbox, SealPath is a leader in file formats’ support.

SealPath Information Rights Sandbox is another example of the results achieved by SealPath focussed on the integration of original tools with those that users work with every day, instead of developing limited viewers. This type of security is integrated in Autodesk AutoCAD, Dassault Systems SolidWorks, Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Access, as SealPath has always employed Adobe, Foxit, Nitro, and Nuance for PDF files and Microsoft Office with Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

SealPath IRS samples

In the development of this technology, we have also remained faithful to our commitment to provide maximum ease of use: this component does not require the recipients to have installed heavy components that require administrator permissions. The user does not have to be an administrator in order to install SealPath Desktop or SealPath Lite with the SealPath Sandbox module. A user with normal permissions can carry out this installation.

The protection that the SealPath IRS allows to be applied for new formats includes:

  • Persistent file coding and encryption.
  • Capacity to add rights: Only see, edit, print, copy and paste, add users.
  • Possibility of setting file expiry dates.
  • Possibility of monitoring who gains access and with which permissions.
  • Possibility of seeing if anybody has attempted to gain access without permissions, if anybody has unprotected the file.
  • Possibility of removing user access (any file) or file (any user).
  • Possibility of protecting the file for individual users, domains, sub-domains or even giving file access to any user while maintaining control and monitoring.
  • Ease of use both for protector users as well as external collaborators that may access documents without installing heavy components that require administrator permissions.