SealPath Compared to other Data Leak Prevention Technologies

There are different technological approaches to prevent data leakage in companies: encryption, DLP systems (prevention against data leakage), device control, etc. Learn about the approach offered by SealPath compared to the protection offered by a DLP type system and encryption systems.


    ControllerSEALPATH TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. NIF B95620613.
    PurposeAttend to and process the various queries and requests made by users.
    Legal BasisConsent given and/or application of pre-contractual measures.
    RecipientsNo such communications are foreseen, except as required by law.
    International TransfersYes, but the measures and guarantees provided for by law are adopted.
    RightsAccess, rectification, opposition, erasure, limitation to processing, data portability and filing a complaint with the AEPD.
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